Havanese Puppies in Los Angeles
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The Basics of Training your Puppy

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Training your puppy is important for your puppy's development and health. You always want to have as much information as possible when training your puppy. Outdoor training of Havanese puppies in California is more enjoyable due to the weather. A very popular puppy trainer once said, "Puppies don't grow out of bad habits, they grow into them." So with that said you need to be diligent when doing any type of training with your puppy.

You can call me anytime with questions about training. Another very good reference is the IAMS.com web-sight. They have excellent food for both your puppy and adult dog and have given us permission to imbed their training videos below:

Puppy Training Basics-Havanese puppies in California

Obedience Training: Sit, Lie, Stay.

How to Care for Your Puppy?

What is the Best Food for Your Puppy?

What to Do With Your New Puppy

How To House Train Your Puppy.

How To Leash Train Your Puppy.

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